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Karner Blue Butterfly

Researchers and Managers

Robert Hess

Wisconsin DNR - KBB Recovery Coordinator on State lands


Karner blue butterfly research/management work:

Position is responsible for organizing and implementing a recovery program on Wisconsin DNR properties for the Karner blue butterfly (Kbb).


We are using Distance methodology to estimate Kbb population sizes on recovery sites designated in the national Kbb Recovery Plan.


Working with the cooperation of the Wisconsin Habitat Conservation Plan partnership for the Kbb, we are also developing an emergence model to facilitate Kbb population monitoring and assessment.


All of this work is being done to achieve recovery goals for the Kbb that are identified for Wisconsin in the Kbb Recovery Plan. Initial population and habitat assessment is scheduled to begin with the first Kbb flight in 2008.



Developed a habitat assessment method and protocol to identify the characteristics of habitat suitable for the Kbb.


Work Area:



Contact Information:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Bureau of Endangered Resources

Box 7921

Madison, WI. 53707

Home/office address:

9748 Hoffman Road

Pittsville, WI 54466


Email: Robert.Hess@wisconsin.gov

Phone: 715-884-2726.




Last updated: July 19, 2016