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Shovelnose Sturgeon

Shovelnose Sturgeon Listed as Threatened Due to Similarity of Appearance


To protect pallid sturgeon, an endangered species, the Service listed the shovelnose sturgeon as a threatened species under the “Similarity of Appearances” provisions of the Endangered Species Act.  The pallid and shovelnose sturgeons are difficult to differentiate and inhabit overlapping portions of the Missouri and Mississippi River basins.  Pallid sturgeon will be protected by treating shovelnose sturgeon as a threatened species where their ranges overlap.


News Release (September 2, 2010): Fish and Wildlife Service To Provide Limited Endangered Species Act Protections for the Shovelnose Sturgeon


Federal Register Notice (September 1, 2010): Threatened Status for Shovelnose Sturgeon Under the Similarity of Appearance Provisions of the Endangered Species Act



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Last updated: March 12, 2018