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Missouri - Proposed Critical Habitat Unit Maps


The maps and written descriptions provided below were taken from the Federal Register Proposed Rule (Oct. 16, 2012): Proposed Endangered Status for the Neosho Mucket, Threatened Status for the Rabbitsfoot, and Designation of Critical Habitat for Both Species (98-page PDF; 4.8MB)


View more information about the proposal to list the rabbitsfoot as threatened and designate critical habitat.


Unit 1 - Spring River in Jasper County, Missouri

(6) Unit RF1: Spring River—Jasper County, Missouri; and Cherokee County, Kansas. (i) Unit RF1 includes 56.5 rkm (35.1 rmi) of the Spring River from Missouri Highway 96 at Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri, downstream to the confluence of Turkey Creek north of Empire, Cherokee County, Kansas.


(ii) Note: Map of Unit RF1 (Spring River) of critical habitat for rabbitsfoot follows:


Map of proposed critical habitat for rabbitsfoot, unit 1 - Spring River in Missouri.



Unit 14 - St. Francis River in Madison and Wayne Counties, Missouri

(21) Unit RF14: St. Francis River— Madison and Wayne Counties, Missouri. (i) Unit RF14 includes 64.3 rkm (40.0 rmi) of the St. Francis River from the Twelvemile Creek confluence west of Saco, Madison County, Missouri, downstream to the upstream point of inundation by Lake Wappepello, Wayne County, Missouri.


(ii) Note: Map of Unit RF14 (St. Francis River) of critical habitat for rabbitsfoot follows:


Map of proposed critical habitat unit 14 for rabbitsfoot in Missouri.


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