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Ohio - Critical Habitat Unit Maps


Digital maps of critical habitat are availble at the Critical Habitat Portal.


The maps and written descriptions below were taken from the Federal Register (April 30, 2015): Designation of Critical Habitat for Neosho Mucket and Rabbitsfoot; Final Rule (98-page PDF; 15MB)


For more information about listing the rabbitsfoot as threatened and designating critical habitat.


Index map of rabbitsfoot critical habitat


Index to Rabbitsfoot critical habitat maps.


Unit 26 - Walhonding River in Coshocton County, Ohio

(34) Unit RF26: Walhonding River— Coshocton County, Ohio.


(i) General Description: Unit RF26 includes 17.5 rkm (10.9 rmi) of the Walhonding River from the convergence of the Kokosing and Mohican Rivers downstream to Ohio Highway 60 near Warsaw, Coshocton County, Ohio.


(ii) Map of Unit RF26 follows:


Map of rabbitsfoot critical habitat unit 26 in Ohio.



Unit 27 - Little Darby Creek in Madison and Union Counties, Ohio

(35) Unit RF27: Little Darby Creek— Madison and Union Counties, Ohio.


(i) General Description: Unit RF27 includes 33.3 rkm (20.7 rmi) of Little Darby Creek from Ohio Highway 161 near Chuckery, Union County, Ohio, downstream to U.S. Highway 40 near West Jefferson, Madison County, Ohio.


(ii) Map of Unit RF27 follows:


Map of rabbitsfoot critical habitat unit 27 in Ohio.


Unit 29 - Fish Creek in Williams County, Ohio


(37) Unit RF29: Fish Creek—Williams County, Ohio.


(i) General Description: Unit RF29 includes 7.7 rkm (4.8 rmi) of Fish Creek from Indiana and Ohio State line northwest of Edgerton, Ohio, downstream to its confluence with the St. Joseph’s River north of Edgerton, Williams County, Ohio.


(ii) Map of Unit RF29 follows:


Map of rabbitsfoot critical habitat unit 29 in Ohio.


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Last updated: March 12, 2018