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Ecological Services

We work with public and private entities to conserve and restore Michigan's endangered species, migratory birds, wetlands, and other important fish and wildlife resources.


About the East Lansing Ecological Services Field Office



Successful piping plover nesting and chick survival are components of the East Lansing Field Office's recovery program for this endangered species.

Photo by USFWS; Joel Trick

We are the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service office responsible for the following activities in Michigan:



  • identifying sources of environmental contamination, assessing impacts of contaminants to fish and wildlife resources, and helping to restore contaminated habitats;


  • ensuring that fish and wildlife are considered by Federal agencies during project planning for construction of roads, bridges, dams, etc.;


  • working with private landowners through our Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program to improve and restore fish and wildlife habitat by providing technical advise and financial assistance, and


  • working with partners to restore and protect coastal resources, enhance fish passage, and control exotic invasive species around the Great Lakes through the Great Lakes Coastal Program.



Photo of a Karner blue butterfly by USFWS: Phil Delphey.

Our History

For over 60 years Ecological Services has protected and restored fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats. Our roots trace back to the River Basins Program that reviewed Federal water development projects. Since 1945, Ecological Services’ responsibilities have expanded to include reviews of most Federal construction projects, endangered species, environmental contaminants, and a variety of conservation partnerships and grants.


Quick Facts

Michigan is home to 25 federally listed endangered, threatened, or candidate species, including the gray wolf, Kirtland’s warbler, piping plover, Hine’s emerald dragonfly, and dwarf lake iris. Go here for more information about these and other rare and declining Michigan species.


Project Planning

Through early and thoughtful planning we work to conserve fish, wildlife, and their habitats by providing technical assistance on construction activities such as Corps of Engineers’ projects and permits, energy development (hydro and wind power), transportation and urban development.


Environmental Contaminants

The Environmental Contaminants program is the only program in the Federal Government solely responsible for evaluating the impact of environmental contaminants on fish and wildlife. We work to prevent, reduce and eliminate the adverse effects of environmental contaminants.



The East Lansing Field Office leads recovery efforts for Kirtland’s warbler and the Great Lakes population of piping plover. We protect nesting areas from predation, parasitism and disturbance while providing people with opportunities to view these birds. We also work with others to learn more about the specific needs of these species.


Threatened and Endangered Species

Our responsibilities under the Endangered Species Act include conserving declining species before listing is necessary, adding species to the list of threatened and endangered species, working to recover listed species, and cooperating with other Federal agencies to conserve endangered species.



We administer a number of Endangered Species Act grants to provide funding to States, Tribes, organizations, and individuals for listed species conservation activities.



We work to restore habitat on private lands through the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program. We work with others to restore Great Lakes coastal habitats through our Coastal Program.


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