Bald Eagle
Midwest Region
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Bald Eagle Population Size


Pair of Bald Eagles sitting on and near nest Since the bald eagle was fully listed under the Endangered Species Act, the number of nesting bald eagle pairs and productivity (number of young fledged per nest) have been monitored throughout the lower 48 states. This effort has produced an excellent data set which was used to develop the population table, map and chart in the links below.  Follow these links to see how bald eagle numbers have responded since DDT was banned and the Endangered Species Act was passed.


Breeding Pairs by State: 1990 to 2006 (table)


Breeding Pairs in Lower 48 States: 1963 to 2006 (graph)


Breeding Pairs by State (PDF map)


Bald Eagle Nesting in the Upper Midwest: County Distribtution





Last updated: April 20, 2015