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Vote for your Favorite Bold Ideas

March 16, 2011

Hundreds of people across the country have provided bold ideas to the Conserving the Future web site or voted on their favorites. Each person who registers on the web site may cast 20 votes for favorite ideas. Join the conversation about the future of the Refuge System. You might want to start by looking at the five bold ideas that have garnered the most votes so far:

  • Make communication of environmental sustainability a high priority: If the consensus is that society's unsustainable choices beyond wildlife refuges' boundaries are the root causes of most conservation challenges that exist within refuge borders, then should that be where communication efforts are focused?

  • Increase recognition of the Refuge System: Elevate the status of the Refuge System within the government bureaucracy so wildlife refuges have greater public and congressional recognition.

  • Grasslands need renewed emphasis: Grasslands are under tremendous pressure, and grassland birds are experiencing faster and more dramatic declines than any other group of North American birds.

  • Create a photography permit allowing regulated off-trail access: This would allow controlled off-trail access to create a wealth of photographic and video imagery that would inspire more people to visit and support wildlife refuges.

  • Create a migratory bird conservation stamp (i.e. Duck Stamp) for wildlife observers: To broaden the appeal of the Duck Stamp beyond waterfowl hunters and help expand an important conservation program.

Visit the Conserving the Future website at http://americaswildlife.org/

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