Conservation in a Changing Climate
Midwest Region

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Landscape Conservation Cooperatives

Advancing Science for the Future of Conservation

The sustainability of natural and cultural resources and landscapes are important to quality of life and local economies. Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) address large scale natural resource challenges that transcend political and jurisdictional boundaries and require a networked approach to conservation - holistic, collaborative, and grounded in science - to ensure the sustainability of America’s land, water, wildlife and cultural resources.

LCCs collectively form a national network of land, water, wildlife, and cultural resource managers, scientists, and interested public and private organizations - within the U.S. and across our international borders - that share a common need for scientific information in conservation. The Service’s Midwest Region is engaged as an active member of multiple Landscape Conservation Cooperatives. Visit each LCC Web site for complete information.

News and Updates

For the latest news and updates, visit the LCC websites below or check out our newsroom.

Plains and Prairie Potholes
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Upper Midwest and Great Lakes
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Eastern Tallgrass Prairie and Big Rivers
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National LCC Map


Prairie Planes and Potholes LCC Upper Midwest and Great Lakes LCC Eatern Tallgrass Prairie and Big Rivers LCC


Last updated: February 12, 2013