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Leedy's Roseroot (Rhodiola integrifolia ssp. leedyi)


Leedy's roseroot in flower.

Photo by USFWS; Phil Delphey

Leedy's roseroot is a cliffside wildflower, found today in only six locations in two widely separated states: Minnesota and New York. Species whose populations are so widely separated from each other geographically are known as "disjunct" species. In the case of Leedy's roseroot, not only are the two centers of population geographically distant from each other, but the subspecies is disjunct from the main species, which occurs in the western mountains. This pattern of distribution suggests that Leedy's roseroot is a glacial relict - a plant that was more widespread at the end of the last glaciation but which has since become isolated because of the loss of appropriate habitat in intervening areas as the climate has warmed.


Leedy's roseroot is a very distinctive plant that cannot be easily mistaken for any other native Minnesota species. The stems and leaves are smooth and succulent. It is dioecious, meaning the male flowers and female flowers are on separate plants. The flowers are red or yellow and occur in flat-topped clusters.


July 30, 2010: TCFO Staff Biologist Assists with Leedy's Roseroot Monitoring


Leedy's roseroot fact sheet


USFWS Leedy's Roseroot Species Profile


Leedy's Roseroot Recovery Plan (39-page PDF; 2.75MB)


Federal Register Final Rule: Technical Corrections for Three Midwest Region Plant Species (Sept. 14, 2010) - - includes Leedy's roseroot


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Leedy's Roseroot: a cliffside glacial relict by Nancy Sather, MN DNR (5-page PDF)


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Last updated: February 11, 2016