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Threatened and Endangered Species Program in Minnesota

Protecting and recovering rare and endangered species and the ecosystems that sustain them.


Twin Cities Field Office biologists consult a map before beginning a survey for Dakota skipper in western Minnesota.


Twin Cities Field Office biologists begin a survey for Dakota skipper in western Minnesota. The Dakota skipper is a prairie butterfly listed as threatened.

Photo by USFWS; Phil Delphey


Minnesota's Listed Species

Canada Lynx


Dakota Skipper


Higgins Eye Pearlymussel


Karner Blue Butterfly


Leedy's Roseroot


Northern Long-Eared Bat


Rufa Red Knot


Rusty Patched Bumble Bee








Minnesota Dwarf Trout Lily


Piping Plover


Poweshiek Skipperling


Prairie Bush Clover


Topeka Shiner


Western Prairie Fringed Orchid


Winged Mapleleaf


Whooping Crane (transient individuals)



Minnesota's Threatened and Endangered Species


List of Threatened, Endangered and Candidate Species in Minnesota


List of Minnesota Counties and their Listed, Proposed, and Candidate Species


Minnesota's Candidate Species


Eastern Massasauga


Sprague's Pipit


Critical Habitat in Minnesota

Canada Lynx


Topeka Shiner


Proposed Critical Habitat for Dakota Skipper and Poweshiek Skipperling


Section 7 Consultation

Answers to "Are there listed species in my project area" and "What do I do?"


Section 7 Consultation Process Explained


Step-by-Step S7 Consultation Guide


Biological Opinions


Information about the Endangered Species Act


Endangered Species Act


Overview of the Endangered Species Act


History of the Endangered Species Act




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