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Minnesota Endangered Species Youth Art Contest

Minnesota dwarf trout lily (Erythronium propullans)


Minnesota Dwarf Trout Lily

Photo by USFWS; Phil Delphey

The Minnesota dwarf trout lily is an endangered species that is found on fewer than 600 acres. Characteristics of its woodland habitat are rich slopes dominated by maple and basswood and adjoining floodplains dominated by elm and cottonwood. Like spring beauties and dutchman's breeches, trout lilies are "spring ephemerals," adapted to flower and grow before the deciduous trees develop their leaves. When summer shade darkens the forest floor these plants have already bloomed, generated their food reserves for the coming year and lost their leaves. Minnesota dwarf trout lilies can be seen at Nerstrand State Park during early spring.


Fact Sheet: Minnesota Dwarf Trout Lily


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Last updated: February 11, 2016