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Threatened and Endangered Species Program in Illinois and Iowa

Protecting and recovering rare and endangered species and the ecosystems that sustain them.


Joe Slater, staff biologist, helps manage invasive weeds at a marsh in Iowa where the endangered western prairie fringed orchid (Platanthera praeclara) grows.

Photo above by USFWS; Cindy Ewen below USFWS; Mike Coffey


Information about the Endangered Species Act

Endangered Species Act


Overview of the Endangered Species Act


History of the Endangered Species Act


State Species Lists with County Distributions

Illinois Threatened, Endangered, Proposed and Candidate Species


Iowa Threatened, Endangered, Proposed and Candidate Species


Section 7 Consultation

Answers to "Are there listed species in my project area?" and "What do I do?"

Section 7 Consultation Process Explained


Step-by-Step S7 Consultation Guide


Permits and Habitat Conservation Plans

Permits can be issued to "take" listed species.


Types of permits and how to apply


Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) in the Upper Midwest


National HCP website


More Information about Endangered Species in Iowa and Illinois

USFWS Midwest Endangered Species


Iowa Department of Natural Resources - Threatened and Endangered Species Program


Illinois Department of Natural Resources - Endangered Species Protection Board



To request help or for more information, please contact:


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

1511 47th Avenue
Moline, IL  61265

Phone: 309-757-5800


llinois's Listed, Proposed and Candidate Species



Gray bat


Indiana bat


Northern Long-eared Bat



Least Tern


Piping Plover (Great Lakes Population)


Rufa Red Knot


Whooping Crane (transient individuals)



Eastern Massasauga



Pallid Sturgeon





Fanshell mussel


Fat pocketbook pearlymussel


Higgins Eye Pearlymussel


Orangefoot pimpleback


Pink Mucket pearlymussel











Iowa pleistocene snail



Hine's emerald dragonfly


Karner Blue Butterfly


Rattlesnake-master borer moth


Rusty patched bumble bee



Illinois cave amphipod



Decurrent false aster


Eastern prairie fringed orchid


Lakeside daisy


Leafy prairie clover


Mead's milkweed


Pitcher's thistle


Prairie Bush Clover


Price's potato bean


Small whorled pogonia


Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid

Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid by USFWS


Indiana bat


Indiana bat by USFWS




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Last updated: March 6, 2018