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Minnesota Valley NEPA

Final Environmental Assessment  for
Proposed Building Construction for
Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge

The final Environmental Assessment (EA) was approved on June 13, 2003 when the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was signed, selecting the Proposed Alternative.   As described in the Proposed Alternative, a new maintenance shop will be constructed on the bluff near Mittelsted House #1 located on the Rapids Lake Unit.  The two existing, cold storage maintenance buildings and a hazardous materials storage building will be moved to the location of the new maintenance complex.  Other existing maintenance buildings will be removed from their current location and those areas would be restored to native plant communities.  A Refuge residence will be constructed on Service property formerly known as the Lutz Farm.

Provided below is a copy of the FONSI, EA, and associated maps.  Printed copies of the document may be obtained at the Refuge Visitor Center located at 3815 East 80th Street, Bloomington, Minnesota   55425; by writing to this address; or by telephoning 952-854-5900.   For further information, please contact Linda Malz at 952-858-0716. 

Final Environmental Assessment


Appendix A - Intra- Service Section 7 Evaluation Form (listed species) 

Appendix B

   Map 1:  Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge

   Map 2: Alternatives Not Considered

   Map 3: Alternative A (Proposed Action)

   Map 4:  Alternative B (No Action)

   Map 5:  Alternative C (Renovation w/Bluff Top Development)

   Map 6: Alternative D (Dual Bluff Top Development)

   Map 7:  Rapids Lake Unit - Land Use

   Map 8:  Location of the Existing Refuge Boundary and Wetland Management District

   Map 9:  Site 1 (Bluff Top Land Near Historic Home; Alternative A)

   Map 10:  Site 2 (Bluff Top Land Formerly Known as the Lutz Farm; Alternatives A and D)

   Map 11:  Site 3 (Existing Maintenance Complex; Alternatives B and C)

   Map 12:  Site 4 (Bluff Top Land Overlooking Mittelsted House #1; Alternatives C and D)


Last updated: July 16, 2008