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Minnesota Valley NEPA

Comments Sought on Draft Supplemental
Environmental Assessment for Proposed
Refuge Residence Modification on
Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge
in Carver County

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) is seeking comments from the public on a draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment (EA) for a proposed change in building location of the Refuge residence as previously presented in the "Final Environmental Assessment, Proposed Maintenance Operations Complex and Residence, June 2003" (Final EA). The previous proposed action in the Final EA and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) identified the residence construction on a two-acre parcel of Service owned property directly off of Carver County Road 45 one-quarter mile north of the intersection with County Road 50. The modified proposed development site consists of a two-acre parcel of bluff top land located approximately 200' directly south of the previously proposed development site. The modified proposed development site is located on the Rapids Lake Unit of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge in Carver County, Minnesota. Copies of the draft Supplemental EA are now available for formal public review and comment.

The proposed project area will be reviewed under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act prior to implementation. Cultural resources are known to be located on some properties within the Rapids Lake Unit. The public is requested to inform the Service at the address below about archaeological sites, buildings and structures, historic places, cemeteries, and traditional uses of the area that could influence decisions about the proposal.

Written comments on this proposed modification will be accepted through September 21, 2004. Comments can be mailed to Linda Malz at Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, 3815 American Boulevard East, Bloomington, Minnesota, 55425 or send via electronic mail to: Copies of the draft Supplemental EA and location maps, and Final EA and FONSI are available at the Refuge address noted above or can be requested by telephone at 952-854-5900. The draft Supplemental EA, location maps, Final EA,  FONSI, and appendices are also available below.

Draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment

Supplemental Map 1 - Original Proposed Site

Supplemental Map 2 - Modified Proposed Development Site

Final Environmental Assessment


Appendix A - Intra- Service Section 7 Evaluation Form (listed species) 

Appendix B

   Map 1:  Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge

   Map 2: Alternatives Not Considered

   Map 3: Alternative A (Proposed Action)

   Map 4:  Alternative B (No Action)

   Map 5:  Alternative C (Renovation w/Bluff Top Development)

   Map 6: Alternative D (Dual Bluff Top Development)

   Map 7:  Rapids Lake Unit - Land Use

   Map 8:  Location of the Existing Refuge Boundary and Wetland Management District

   Map 9:  Site 1 (Bluff Top Land Near Historic Home; Alternative A)

   Map 10:  Site 2 (Bluff Top Land Formerly Known as the Lutz Farm; Alternatives A and D)

   Map 11:  Site 3 (Existing Maintenance Complex; Alternatives B and C)

   Map 12:  Site 4 (Bluff Top Land Overlooking Mittelsted House #1; Alternatives C and D)


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