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Final Environmental Assessment  and Habitat Conservation Plan for an Incidental Take Permit

Lake Erie Water Snake Related to Residential Home Development on Long Point, Kelleys Island, Erie County, Ohio

The final Environmental Assessment/Habitat Conservation Plan (EA/HCP) was approved on June 4, 2003 when the the Regional Director signed the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) and the Incidental Take Permit (ITP).   The Proposed Alternative (3) was selected which allows the development of seven seasonal homes on the 15-acre Long Point Subdivision on Kelleys Island with restrictions.  These restrictions include seasonal limits on ground-disturbing activities, establishment of shoreline buffer areas, restricted use of pesticides and fertilizers, construction of artificial hibernating areas (hibernacula), and restrictions on the size and location of residences, garages, decks, driveways, and septic systems.  Under this Alternative, the HCP has a duration of 15 years.


Another Alternative (2) considered was the same as the Proposed Alternative, but with a 10 year duration for the HCP.  Alternative 4 would have provided fewer restrictions on development and would not have mitigated for lost winter habitat by constructing artificial hibernacula.  The fourth Alternative (1) considered was the "No Action" Alternative required for all National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents.  Under this Alternative, the Service would have refused to issue an Incidental Take Permit and no HCP would have been developed.  Landowners could have still tried to develop their property without the protection of an ITP and risk prosecution under Section 9 of the Endangered Species Act or they could have sold the property to others who might also have considered development.


Provided below is a copy of the final EA/HCP, the FONSI, the Incidental Take Permit, the Implementing Agreement, and associated appendices.  Printed copies of the document may be obtained by writing the Service's Reynoldsburg Field Office,  6950 Americana Parkway, Suite H, Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068 or telephone at 614/469-6923. 


Final Environmental Assessment/Habitat Conservation Plan




Incidental Take Permit


Implementing Agreement


Appendix A - Agency Correspondence 

Appendix B - Federal Register Notice of Intent for 30 day Scoping Period

Appendix C - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Interim Lake Erie Water Snake Guidelines 

Appendix D -  Easement Agreement, Modification of Grant Easements and Release of Easements on Long Point 

Appendix E - Design of Typical Septic System Leach Bed
Appendix F - Deed Restriction Used in Transfer of Lots 1-7

Appendix G - Legal Description –Lots Within the LPLLC Subdivision

Appendix H - LPHA LLC Habitat Conservation Plan Funding Mechanism

Appendix I - Native Plant List for Long Point

Appendix J - § 955.22 Ohio Revised Code for Dogs

Appendix K - Independent Estimate of Fill on Lot 1

Appendix L - Kelleys Island Village Council April 9, 2002 Meeting Notes

Appendix M - Ohio DNR, Office of Coastal Management Coastal Consistency Letter

Appendix N - Federal Register Notice of Availability of Draft Environmental Assessment/Habitat Conservation Plan




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