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Public Comment Sought on Draft Environmental Assessment for Construction of a Warehouse on the Upper Mississippi River and Driftless Area National Wildlife Refuges

The Service is seeking public comment on a draft Environmental Assessment (EA) which considers various ways to provide storage and maintenance facilities for heavy equipment. 

The draft EA considers two action alternatives and the 'No Action' alternative.  Alternative B (Preferred Alternative) would construct a 50 by 100 foot warehouse  on the Howard Creek Unit located in Section 19, Farmersburg Township, Clayton County, Iowa along county highway X28.  The proposed building site is located within a former agricultural field adjacent to a former farmstead that has been removed.  Alternative C would build the same size warehouse as Alternative B.   The difference would be that in Alternative C the warehouse would be located exactly on the site of the former homestead.  The "No Action" Alternative would continue under the current conditions of having inadequate space to store equipment inside and inadequate maintenance facilities. 

The draft EA and Attachments are available below or hard copies can be obtained by writing, telephoning, faxing, or e-mailing to the appropriate address or number below.  Written comments on the draft EA are welcome and may be submitted by fax, letter or e-mail to Ms. Cathy Henry, Driftless Area National Wildlife and Fisheries Refuge, P.O. Box 460, McGregor, Iowa  52159; telephone number (563)873-3423; fax number (563) 873-3803, e-mail:   .  All comments must be received by Ms. Henry no later than Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Draft EA

Attachment 1 - Vicinity Map

Attachment 2 - Alternative B site map

Attachment 3 - Howard Creek Habitat Types

Attachment 4 - Section 7 (Endangered Species) IntraService Consultation Form

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