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Permit to Remove or Relocate an Eagle Nest


Fact Sheet: Authorized Activities Involving Unintentional Eagle Disturbance (Adobe PDF  logo 2-page PDF)


The Bald and Golden Eagle Act prohibits anyone from taking, possessing, or transporting any bald eagle or any golden eagle, or the parts, nests, or eggs of such birds without prior authorization. This webpage offers information on obtaining a permit for the activities that involve removing or relocating eagle nests.


If you are concerned about an eagle nest that may pose safety issues or conflict with other uses, you may be eligible for a permit to remove or relocate the nest.

One adult bald eagle on a nest and another adult on nearby snag. Photo by USFWS

Photo by USFWS

This permit authorizes removal or relocation of:


• an active or inactive nest where it is necessary to alleviate a safety emergency to humans or eagles (or both);


• an inactive nest to ensure public health and safety;


• an inactive nest to restore operation of a man-made structure that has been rendered inoperable by the presence of the nest; or


• an inactive nest in certain other instances where the removal or relocation of that nest (or the mitigation for its removal) will provide a clear and substantial benefit to eagles.


The regulations authorizing permits for removal or relocation of bald or golden eagle nests can be found in the Code of the Federal Register 50 CFR 22.27.


If you would like further assistance regarding obtaining a permit to remove or relocate an eagle nest, contact:


In Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana:

Chris Mensing

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - East Lansing Field Office

2651 Coolidge Road
East Lansing, MI 48823


Phone: 517-351-8316

E:mail: Chris_Mensing@fws.gov


In Wisconsin and Minnesota:

Mags Rheude

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Twin Cities Field Office

4101 American Boulevard East
Bloomington, MN 55425


Phone: 952-252-0092 ext. 202

E:mail: Margaret_Rheude@fws.gov


In Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri:

Ryan Anthony
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Rock Island Field Office
1511 47th Avenue
Moline, IL 61265

Phone: 309-757-5800 x205
E:mail: Ryan_Anthony@fws.gov



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Last updated: October 10, 2017