Eagle Permits
Midwest Region

Bald Eagle Permit: Non-Purposeful Take

Step-by-Step Guidance

Determining Whether Construction or Development Activities May Cause the Non-Purposefule Take of Bald Eagles


Step 3. To avoid the non-purposeful take of bald eagles or their young we recommend that you do the following.


(1) Maintain a buffer of at least 660 feet (200 meters) between your project activities and the nest (including active and alternate nests). If a similar activity is closer than 660 feet, then you may maintain a distance buffer as close to the nest as the existing tolerated activity.


(2) If you perform your activity closer than 660 feet due to a similar activity existing closer than 660 feet, then restrict all clearing, external construction, and landscaping activities within 660 feet of the nest to outside the nesting season (i.e., outside the nesting season is from August through mid-January in the Midwest).


(3) Maintain established landscape buffers that screen the activity from the nest.




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Last updated: February 1, 2016