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Regional Director Tom Melius Photo by USFWS
Regional Director Tom Melius. Photo by USFWS.

September 2017

September offers opportunities for
recreation on Service lands

September is here and in a number of our states the early waterfowl season has started, one example of many great reasons to get out and celebrate fall. The first of the migrants like blue-winged teal have caught my eye when I have been on the road and soon the full fall migration will fill our skies.

Another migrant near and dear to our hearts and readying for flight is our super generation of monarch butterflies who will make the long haul to Mexico for winter. Learn more. You can monitor the movements on Journey North as I will be doing, optimistic that this year’s great habitat work around the region will result in growing populations of these and other pollinators.

When it comes to habitat work, the Federal Duck Stamp has always been a premier contributor to our success and I look forward to joining Principal Deputy Director Greg Sheehan, Deputy Director Jim Kurth and our partners this weekend at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point for this year’s Federal Duck Stamp Contest. Learn more. Four Wisconsin artists have won the contest since it’s 1934 inception. The Midwest Region has a number of additional winners including the famed Hautman brothers who have won multiple times. I’m anxious to find out if we have yet another Midwest artist who will win this year and have their artwork featured on the 2018-19 Federal Duck Stamp.

I recently returned from a field visit closer to the regional office, where I had the pleasure of joining Congresswoman Betty McCollum and our staff from Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and Migratory Birds in duck banding. We banded a good number of wood ducks and mallards and shared that experience with a group of Girl Scouts and one of our many congressional supporters at the same time. Hats off to all who took part and for the great work you continue to do. Learn more.

As we are about to leave the critical days of summer safety and enter the full spectrum of our fall activities, I ask you to again keep your guard up and make sure that checklists and procedures designed to keep us safe from injuries are reviewed and followed. I also remind you that safety extends out beyond the work day as time spent in recreation with friends and family also requires our vigilance. You remain our most important resource. Let’s make it a safe month!

Finally, events nationally including the multiple hurricanes in the south and fires out west in Montana and elsewhere have resulted in a number of Service professionals deploying to provide their invaluable expertise toward recovery efforts. Thanks to those of you who have already joined in this effort and to those who will in the future. Do so in a safe manner knowing that your talents and skills are appreciated by many. Please keep our colleagues and the millions of Americans impacted in your thoughts.

Enjoy this month’s Inside Region 3!


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Last updated: June 8, 2020