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Fishing for Fun in Wisconsin

Students fishing along Dutch Creek at the annual 4th Grade Fishing Day. Photo by USFWS.

Students fishing along Dutch Creek at the annual 4th Grade Fishing Day. Photo by USFWS.

By Heidi Keuler
Fishers and Farmers Partnership Coordinator

Each fall and spring, students from the Bangor Elementary fourth grade take a guided hike down to Dutch Creek in Bangor, Wisconsin to learn about native brook trout, streams and aquatic invertebrates with local Service biologists from the Midwest Fisheries Center and members of Friends of the Upper Mississippi and the Bangor Rod and Gun Club. Over the years, programs have included everything from fish identification and dissection, to aquatic invertebrate sampling and nature journaling. Fishing for Fun Program educators show the entire process of catching, cleaning and eating fish with the students, hoping that they get a better understanding of how to prepare fish and game as food. For some of the students, it is the first time they have ever eaten wild fish. Leaders of the program aim to instill a sense of place, wonder and awe of nature and interest to keep youth participating in fishing.

One of the ways that students can keep participating in fishing, even if they do not have the equipment, is by checking out a “Fishing for Fun” backpack from a local library. Backpacks were funded and assembled by our Friends of the Upper Mississippi members and are available at over 30 locations in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Backpacks have a telescopic fishing pole, tackle and maps of where to fish locally. We are excited to be a partner in this effort to educate youth and provide families with resources to get outside, go fishing and enjoy our public lands.

Last updated: October 10, 2018