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Coaster Brook Trout

12-Month Finding on the Coaster Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis)

The Service has completed a 12-month finding for the coaster brook trout, which historically occupied the upper Great Lakes, concluding that the listing is not warranted for listing per the authorities of the Endangered Species Act.  However, due to existing threats and populations declines, the service committed in the finding to initiate a range-wide status review of brook trout.

Coater brook trout are brook trout that live all or a portion of their life in the Great Lakes.  Coasters can be distinguished from steam-dwelling brook trout in part by their larger size, more silvery color, and longer life span.  Historically, coasters likely occurred in most suitable streams in the upper Great Lakes.  Currently, coaster populations are known in only four U.S. Lake Superior Locations, all in Michigan.  Approximately a dozen coaster streams persist in Ontario, Canada.

Despite this specific finding, we identified significant declines of the brook trout populations and habitat in the upper Great Lakes and evidence of similar declines throughout the range of brook trout, particularly as documented by the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture.  This information compelled us to commit to a rangewide status review of brook trout.  We published this commitment in the coaster brook trout 12-month finding.