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Aquatic Invasive Species

What Is an Aquatic Invasive Species?
An aquatic invasive species is a fish, mollusc, or other aquatic organism that is not native to an area and is considered to be a invasive or threat to native species. There are over a number of aquatic invasive species that have been identified nationwide and there are a number of these species within the Midwest Region.

Why We Need to Manage Aquatic Invasive Species
Aquatic invasive species threaten the diversity or abundance of native species or the ecological stability of infested waters, or commercial, agricultural, aquacultural or recreational activities dependent on those waters.
Sea Lamprey

Some Aquatic Invasive Species Found in the Midwest Region
At right are some aquatic invasive species that we work with in the Midwest Region. Select an image to link to more information about the species.

How We Manage Aquatic Species
More than 20 Federal agencies are involved with preventing and controlling aquatic invasive species, in cooperation with States, Tribes, private industry, and others.
The Fisheries and Aquatic Resources program seeks to prevent and reduce the establishment and spread of aquatic invasive species by providing leadership in collaborative efforts to implement activities and programs that prevent the establishment of aquatic invasive species, by partnering to develop methods and conduct programs designed to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species to new locations and limit the growth of established populations.

We meet these goals by partnering in initiatives to identify and monitor high-risk pathways for introductions and participating in preventative actions to reduce introductions. We support State management plans and work to fulfill the National Aquatic Invasive Species Act.

Efforts within the Midwest Region to manage aquatic invasive species include conducting surveillance, control, and monitoring for aquatic invasive species in Great Lakes and Big Rivers areas. We control sea lamprey within the Great Lakes Basin. We also serve on the Great Lakes Panel on Aquatic Invasive Species and support national and state initiatives to combat invasives and provide educational materials.