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The State and Tribal Wildlife Grants Program has a broad purpose to benefit all wildlife species, including those that are not hunted or fished. The Program established two separate grant programs. The first program is for States and territories; funds are apportioned to the States via a formula that is based on each State's land area and population, relative to all states. The second grant program is for tribes which compete for a separate amount of money.

Each State and territory became eligible to participate in the formula grant program after it committed to developing a legislatively-required comprehensive wildlife conservation plan by October 1, 2005. Each plan must consider the broad range of wildlife and associated habitats, but place priority on species of greatest conservation need while considering funding currently available for the conservation of those species. Funds are committed through grant proposals that are submitted to, and approved by, FWS.

This Program Helps:

  • Comprehensive planning to identify and implement the conservation needs of wildlife

  • Protect habitat through its acquisition

  • Improve wildlife management through research

  • Monitor wildlife populations on a state-by-state basis

For Additional Information:

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If you think that you might be interested in participating in the State and Tribal Wildlife Grants Program, first step is to contact your State Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs Coordinator for the State program, or the Tribal Liaison Coordinator, for the tribal program. You can obtain the name and telephone number of your State Coordinator or Tribal Liaison from the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs at 612-713-5130.

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