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Short's bladderpod (Physaria globosa)

Status: Endangered

Short's bladderpod flower.

Photo by John MacGregor


Status: Endangered, listed August 1, 2014

Critical Habitat, designated August 26, 2014

Habitat: Steep, rocky wooded slopes and talus areas, occurs along cliff tops and bases and cliff ledges. Found adjacent to rivers or streams and on south to west facing slopes. The Indiana population is found within the Shawnee Hills section of the Interior Low Plateau Physiographic Province.


Lead Region: 4


Region 3 Lead Office: Bloomington Indiana Field Office


Range: Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee



Short's bladderpod is a plant in the mustard family. It grows up to 20 inches tall. Clusters of small yellow flowers top single and sometimes multiple stems from April to early June. The scientific name of the plant is derived from the globe-shaped fruits it produces.


Short’s bladderpod typically grows on steep, rocky, wooded slopes and talus slopes and along tops, bases, and ledges of bluffs - often near rivers or streams and on south- to west-facing slopes. Most populations are closely associated with calcareous outcrops. However, the site in Indiana is unique in that Short’s bladderpod grows in a narrow strip of herbaceous vegetation between a road and forested bank of a cypress


Federal Register Final Rule for Critical Habitat Designation (August 26, 2014):

Designation of Critical Habitat for Physaria globosa (Short's bladderpod), Helianthus verticillatus (whorled sunflower), and Leavenworthia crassa (fleshy-fruit gladecress)


News Release (August 1, 2014): Service Protects Three Plants under Endangered Species Act, Includes Short's Bladderpod found in Posey County, Indiana


Federal Register Final Rule (August 1, 2014): Endangered Status for Physaria globosa (Short's Bladderpod), Helianthus verticillatus (Whorled sunflower), and Leavenworthia crassa (Fleshy-fruit Gladecress)


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