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The Midwest Region includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin. Find a location near you.


The Midwest Region includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin.
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Comments on Draft Indiana Summer Survey Guidance

Draft Indiana Bat Summer Survey Guidance became available for public review and comment on January 9, 2013. Below are all the comments that were received during the public comment period. Go here for the Draft Guidance and other background information.



January 23 - Janet Debelak Tyburec (extension request)


January 23 - Virgil Brack (extension request)


January 25 - John Guzik: Bialosky + Partners Architects


January 28 - Al Hicks: Vesper Environmental, LLC


January 28 - Tom FitzSimmons: Stark Enterprises


January 29 - Lynn Robbins; Missouri State (extension request)


January 29 – Shannon Romeling (extension request)


Feb. 1 - Kristen Klaus: Ohio Home Builders Association


Feb. 7 – Steve Hohmann: Kentucky Dept. of Natural Resources


Feb. 7 – Neil Bossart: Pittsburgh Wildlife & Environmental, Inc.


Feb. 7 – Al Kurta: Eastern Michigan University


Feb. 7 – Zane Daniels: Ohio Coal Association


Feb. 8 – Ryan Malloy: Ecological Solutions, Inc.


Feb. 8 – Jessica Hickey-Miller: Davey Resource Group


Feb. 12 - Jeremy Jackson: Jackson Environmental


Feb. 13 – Nicholas Chevance: National Park Service, Midwest Region


Feb. 20 – Katie Gillies: Bat Conservation International


Feb. 20 – Mary Frazer: North Carolina DOT


Feb. 20 – Tim Divoll et al.: Biodiversity Research Institute


Feb. 25 – Scott Darling: Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department


Feb. 25 - Ramona Briggemann and Mark Stacey: Indiana DNR


Feb. 25 - Mike Hansel: CAM Mining LLC


March 1 - Fred Schauf: Spectrum Environmental Assn.


March 2 - Trevor Peterson et al.: Santec


March 3 - James Kiser


March 3 - Jeff Brown


March 4 - Ian Agranat: Wildlife Acoustics


March 5 - Copperhead Environmental Consulting, Inc. - - Contingency Plan


March 6 - Brock Fenton: Western University


March 7 - Josie Gaskey: Pennsylvania Coal Alliance


March 7 - Bruce Snyder: Range Resources - Appalachia LLC


March 7 - USDA Rural Utility Service


March 8 - Christopher Sanders: Sanders Environmental Inc.


March 8 - Copperhead Environmental Consulting, Inc. - Summer Survey Guidance


March 8 - Will Ratcliffe: Access Midstream Partners


March 8 - Lynn Robbins: Missouri State


March 8 - Kevin Quick: West Virginia Dept. of Environmental Protection


March 8 - Kathryn Z. Klaber: Marcellus Shale Coalition


March 8 - Gregory Conrad: Interstate Mining Compact Commission


March 8 - Eric Britzke: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


March 10 - Cynthia Hauser


March 11 - National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Inc.


March 11 - David James: Domtar


March 11 - Michael Whitby: U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center


March 11 - Kristin L. Watt: Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP


March 11 - Chris Corben


March 11 - Virgil Brack representing 41 individuals active in bat ecology and ESA compliance


March 11 - David W. Leput: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


March 11 - Joy O'Keefe: Center for Bat Research, Outreach, and Conservation; Indiana State University


March 11 - John Chenger: Bat Conservation and Management, Inc.


March 11 - Michael O'Mahony: Normandeau Associates


March 11 - Jeff Brown


March 11 - Christopher Brookshire: Golder Associates


March 11 - Mike Johnson: Metro Parks, Summit County, Akron Ohio


March 11 - Brian Flock: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency


March 11 - Jason Thomas: Clean Line Energy Partners


March 11 - Ryan Slack: Civil and Environmental Consultants


March 11 - Michael Farmer: Allstar Ecology


March 11 - Cori Lausen: Birchdale Ecological LTD.


March 11 - Dennis Krusac: US Forest Service

Summary of Comments

Comments in Excel Spreadsheet (PDF)


March 11 - Joseph Szewcazk: Humboldt University


March 11 - William Brensinger: PPL Services Corp.


March 11 - Janet Tyburec Consulting


Excel Spreadsheet (Excel)


March 11 - Timothy Hill: Ohio Dept. of Transportation


March 11 - Nick Owens: Anadardko


March 11 - Nicholas Demarco: West Virginia Oil and Gas Co.



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