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The Midwest Region includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin. Find a location near you


Endangered Species Program

Conserving and restoring threatened and endangered species and their ecosystems


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Federally-Listed Threatened, Endangered, Proposed, and Candidate Species


Missouri State List

Go here and click on Missouri to see a list of all Endangered, Threatened, Proposed, and Candidate Species in Missouri.


Species by Project Site or County

You can use our online online project review tool to get a list for a specific project site or by county

IPaC - Information for Planning and Consultation: Under "1. Find Location", click on SELECT BY STATE OR COUNTY


About Section 7 Consultation

For information about the Section Consultation process, including step-by-step instructions, see our Section 7 Technical Assistance website.


For More Information

For more information about threatened and endangered species in Missouri, please contact the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service office at 101 Park DeVille Dr., Suite A, Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573/234-2132)


Section 7 Technical Assistance - Step 2

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Last updated: March 12, 2018