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Teams and Teaming

One of the features of the Service’s Ecosystem Approach was the development of Ecosystem Teams for the purpose of "identifying and facilitating the implementation of collaborative projects based on landscape level considerations across Service programs with partners and stakeholders to conserve fish, plant, and wildlife resources." To facilitate Ecosystem Team development, the Service identified and established 53 hydrologically–defined "ecosystems" as the Basic Planning Units for Teams to flourish. Six of these Ecosystem Teams are in the Great Lakes – Big Rivers Region.

Ecosystem Teams are empowered to:

  • identify, prioritize, and document ecosystem goals, objectives, and strategies with partners and stakeholders, specifying actions to achieve the team’s priorities

  • identify and facilitate the implementation of collaborative projects across Service programs with partners and stakeholders, addressing team priorities to benefit fish, plant, and wildlife resources

  • promote and practice adaptive management, evaluating management activities and revising them accordingly

  • identify the highest ecosystem priority needs—in the areas of natural resource conservation, research, data, land acquisition, budget, funding, and personnel

  • provide ongoing input to the budget process

  • enhance communication and cooperation among Service stations and with partners in the ecosystem

  • coordinate sharing of staff, equipment, and resources within the ecosystem

  • share team successes and accomplishments
Last updated: August 6, 2015