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Federal Duck Stamps - A Conservation Tradition

A Message from Tom Melius - July 15, 2010

As we discussed at the All-Employee Meeting/Webcast today, for the first time since 2005, the Fish and Wildlife Service is hosting the Duck Stamp Challenge -- a fun competition among regions that gives all of us the opportunity and incentive to contribute to conservation through the purchase of a Federal Duck Stamp and to environmental education through the purchase of a Junior Duck Stamp.

At $15 and $5, respectively, these miniature works of art are among the least expensive and easiest ways you can support wildlife conservation and the Service’s mission.

Region 6 has kept the coveted Canvasback Trophy from migrating. So your challenge is to encourage it to take flight to Region 3. To win the Trophy, we will have to have our employees purchase the greatest number of Duck Stamps and Junior Duck Stamps. In 2005, Region 6 won with nearly a quarter of its employees buying Duck Stamps. In the interest of fair play, determination of the winning region will be based on a formula that takes into account the varied number of employees from one region to the next.

The trophy will be inscribed with the winning region’s name and the year. The winning region will also receive a permanent smaller keepsake award to display -- and gets the honor of issuing the 2011 Duck Stamp Challenge.

Participating in the Duck Stamp Challenge is completely optional for all Service personnel. However, Duck Stamp revenues help purchase and conserve wetland habitat and Junior Duck Stamp proceeds support conservation education for America’s youth which are two of the Service’s core values. And, of course, winning the Duck Stamp Challenge means our region has bragging rights within the Service.

The Duck Stamp Challenge runs from July 1, 2010, to January 31, 2011. How it works is simple: once you’ve purchased your 2010-2011 Federal Duck Stamp(s) or Junior Duck Stamp(s), register them with your regional challenge coordinator Ashley Spratt (Ashley_Spratt@fws.gov, 612-713-5314). If you already have purchased this year’s Duck Stamp that will count so please report it to Ashley. The coordinator will tally the region’s total sales and submit them to the Federal Duck Stamp Office.

We will make it easy for you all to buy Federal Duck Stamps or Junior Duck Stamps. And when you make your purchase and report it we will send you an embossed FWS ID lanyard as a “THANK YOU” and include an extra “bird band bonus” if you buy more than one stamp!!

Remember, the more stamps you buy, the better our region’s chance of WINNING the challenge.

If you have questions about the Federal Duck Stamp and Junior Duck Stamp Challenge, please contact Ashley Spratt or your Program Assistant Regional Director.

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