Indiana Ecological Services Office
Midwest Region


Indiana Ecological Services Field Office


Contacting the Office:

Field Supervisor: Scott Pruitt

620 South Walker Street
Bloomington, IN 47403-2121
Phone: 812-334-4261
Fax: 812-334-4273
TTY: 1-800-877-8339 (Federal Relay)


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Quick Facts

Indiana is home to 23 federally listed endangered, threatened, or candidate species, including the Indiana bat, least tern, copperbelly water snake, and white cat’s paw pearlymussel. For more information about these and other rare and declining Indiana species, please see our website at


The Bloomington Field Office has the national lead for recovery of the Indiana bat; a forest dwelling endangered species found throughout the eastern United States. Also, our environmental contaminants program has produced a number of multimillion dollar habitat restoration projects, including efforts to restore the Grand Calumet River.

The Bloomington Field Office has a sub office in Chesterton, Indiana.

Our History

For over 60 years Ecological Services has protected and restored fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats. Our roots trace back to the River Basins Program that reviewed Federal water development projects. Since 1945, Ecological Services’ responsibilities have expanded to include reviews of most Federal construction projects, endangered species, environmental contaminants, and a variety of conservation partnerships and grants.

Project Planning

Through early and wise planning we work to conserve fish and wildlife and their habitats by minimizing the impact of Federal construction projects. Besides traditional Corps of Engineers’ projects and permits, we work on energy development projects (hydro and wind power), highway projects, and proposed activities in National Forests.

Environmental Contaminants

The Environmental Contaminants program is the only program in the Federal Government solely responsible for evaluating the impact of environmental contaminants on fish and wildlife. We work to prevent, reduce and eliminate the adverse effects of environmental contaminants.

Threatened and Endangered Species

Our responsibilities under the Endangered Species Act include conserving declining species before listing is necessary, adding species to the list of threatened and endangered species, working to recover listed species, and working with other Federal agencies to ensure that their projects do not irreparably harm listed species.

INFO Forest Management Guidelines for Avoiding Incidental Take of Indiana Bats and Northern Long-eared Bats within the State of Indiana


We administer Endangered Species Act grants to provide funding to States, Tribes, organizations, and individuals for listed species conservation activities.


We work to restore habitat on private lands through the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program. We work with others to restore Great Lakes coastal habitats through our Coastal Program.

Last updated: September 30, 2020