Federal Duck Stamps

One of the most successful conservation programs ever initiated


850 million

850 million dollars generated by stamp sales

98 cents

98¢ of every dollar goes directly toward purchasing or leasing wetland habitat for protection

33 percent

33% of endangered or threatened species find food or shelter in lands bought with stamp funds

8 million

8 million acres have been acquired and preserved with stamp funds

One stamp

One stamp serves as a hunting license, conservation tool, and pass for National Wildlife Refuges

More than ducks

More than ducks: many birds, mammals, fish, reptiles and amphibians also benefit from stamp sales

Once a year

Once a year the Federal Duck Stamp Contest is held to choose artwork for the next stamp

Around 200

Around 200 artists across the country enter the contest each year

5 duck species

5 species are eligible for the contest each year

5 judges

5 judges are on the contest panel each year



September 27

September 27 kicks off the 2013 Federal Duck Stamp Contest

Midwest Region

The Midwest Region is hosting the contest in partnership with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources

The venue

The venue: Maumee Bay Lodge and Convention Center in Maumee Bay State Park in Oregon, Ohio

86 percent

86% of Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in Ohio was purchased through stamp funds


20 previous contest winners have been from the Midwest Region


3 previous winners have been from Ohio


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