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Florida Manatee Recovery Team

Issues and Information

Manatee Myth: Florida Manatee - Native to Florida?

Manatee Habitat Workshop Scheduled New

Manatee Recovery Plan

Manatee Rescue, Rehab & Release Program

Manatee Protection Areas

Manatee References

Marine Mammal Protection Act Information

Manatee Lawsuit Settlement Archive 

Manatee Recovery Plan

General Manatee Recovery Information

Manatee Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release Program

Federal Manatee Protection Areas 

Maps of Federal Manatee Protection Areas

De-designation of Pansy Bayou and Cocoa Beach Federal Manatee Protection Areas

Final Brevard Manatee Protection Areas Rule - January 2002

Final Federal manatee protection to 13 sites in eight Florida counties - November 2002

Final Federal manatee protection to three sites in five Florida Counties - July 2003

Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA)
Incidental Take Regulations

May 2003 Record of Decision withdrawing proposed MMPA Incidental Take Regulations for the Florida manatee

Final Environmental Impact Statement for MMPA rulemaking 

Proposed Marine Mammal Protection Act Incidental Take Regulations related to the Florida manatee

Reference Materials

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