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2013 Snake River Fall Chinook Program Review Symposium

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013    
Purpose - Why are we here? (873kb)     Yundt
Historical Perspective Incuding a Brief Current Status Assessment Relative to Historical (12,102kb) Snake River Fall Chinook A Primer: 1900-1975   Schuck
Synergy of Fall Chinook Processes (3,996kb) Synergy and Hatchery Program Overview   Johnson
Overview of Fall Chinook Hatchery Production     Johnson
Snake River Fall Chinook Broodstock History (1,928kb) Adaptive Snake River Broodstock Managment   Milks, et al
Lyons Ferry Hatchery Fish Production (WDFW) (2,546kb) Lyons Ferry Hatchery Snake River Fall Chinook (843kb)   Gloyn
Fall Chinook Acclimation Program Fish Production (NPT) (14,751kb) Fall Chinook Acclimation Project (FCAP) (1,052kb)   Key
Idaho Power Company Snake River Fall Chinook Production (1,755kb) Idaho Power Company's Fall Chinook Salmon Hatchery Program   Rosenberger
Nez Perce Tribal Hatchey Snake River Fall Chinook Production (5,419kb)     Penney
Wednesday, August 7, 2013      
Run-Reconstruction Adult Abundance, Age Structure (1,798kb) Snake River Fall Chinook Salmon Run Reconstruction   Young, et al
Description of Ocean, Downriver, Project Area Fisheries, and Harvest Amounts (1,322kb) Harvest Management for Snake River Fall Chinook   Ellis, et al
SAR and SAS Comparisons (1,492kb) LSRCP Hatchery Mitigation (944kb)   Milks, et al
Acclimated vs Direct Release (1,114kb) Acclimation Enhances Prostrelease Performance   Rosenberger
Age and Size at Return Snake River Fall Chinook Salmon Age and Size at Return: Then and Now   Young, et al
History and Status of Snake River Fall Chinook Redd Surveys (7,092kb) Snake River Fall Chinook Redd Surveys: A Summary of 22 Years (1991-2012) (4,353kb)   Grove, et al
Understanding Juvenile Life History Trade-offs Using Otolith Microchemistry and Stage Structured Modeling (3,245kb) Spatial Structuring of an Evolving Life-History Strategy Under Altered Environmental Conditions (2,955kb)   Hegg, et al
Juvenile Life History and Multistage Stock-Recruitment Modeling with Covariates (2,754kb) SRFC Salmon Run Reconstuction as a Basis for Multistage Stock Recruitment Modeling with Covariates   Conner, et al
Snake River Fall Chinook Viability Criteria and Status (3,064kb)     Cooney
Evaluating the Responses of Snake and Columbia River Basin fall Chinook Salmon to Dam Passage Strategies and Experiences (658kb)     Rien, et al

Roll-up Management Approach and Actions

Data Gaps and Challenges - What will be learned by 2017? (3,286kb)

Program Review Summary and Future Direction   Hesse
Management Perspectives - Comanager views on fall Chinook prgram performance (States and Tribes) Management and Policy Summary   IDFG, NPT, ODFW, WDFW
ISRP - Review of the LSRCP Fall Chinook Program (2,456kb)   LSRCP Comments  


Last updated: July 11, 2014
Lower Snake River Compensation Plan
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