Lower Snake River Compensation Plan
Pacific Region

2011 LSRCP Annual Production Meeting

Wednsday-March 16, 2011
Moist Air Incubators (11,557kb) Elmore-ODFW 2011
Aquatic Transfer Pump (2,723kb) Coonts-IDFG 2011
Fish Marking - CWT, PIT, PBT (688kb) Yundt-FWS 2011
Parentage Based Tagging (6,358kb) Campbell-IDFG 2011
Effective Methods for Achieving Egg Take Goals (1,275kb) Lovrak-WDFW 2011
Hatchery Bio-Security (4,084kb) Munson-IDFG 2011
Fish Nutrition-Sunburn, Steatitis, AquaFlor Related Skin Lesions (1,072kb) Munson-IDFG 2011
Fish Transportation (9,871kb) McGehee-IDFG 2011
LSRCP Database Development Yundt-FWS 2011
Why Reuse Technology (1,235kb) Peltz-FWS 2011
Dworshak is Moving Forward (42,642kb) Christiansen-FWS 2011
Reuse Technology - Practical Applications and Case Studies (2,723kb) West-PRAqua 2011
Thursday-March 17, 2011
LSRCP Purchasing - Acquisitions Froscher-FWS 2011
LSRCP Budget and Agreement Time Lines Anderson-FWS 2011
Funding FCRPS BIOP, ESA, RPA, HRT, HSRG, HGMP (788kb) Krakker-FWS 2011
LSRCP Reporting - Monthly Inventory, Annual Trapping, Spawning and Fish Releases (3,391kb) Carter-PSMFC 2011
Integrated Broodstock Development in Idaho (1,391kb) Leth-IDFG 2011
Integrated Broodstock Handling Logistics at South Fork (801kb) Patterson-IDFG 2011
Tucannon Endemic Steelhead Maxey-WDFW 2011
Carrying Capacity with Regards to Steelhead Production Starr-FWS 2011


Last updated: July 8, 2011
Lower Snake River Compensation Plan
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