Lower Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
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Questions and Answers about Lower Hatchie NWR

ew well at Long Point Unit Credit: USFWS

New well at Long Point Unit Credit: USFWS

Why can't I ride my 4-wheeler on the refuge like I can on the state land?

Refuges are managed for different purposes than state lands. However, handicapped persons may request a Special Use Permit depending on the extent of their disability.

Why can't I run a ditch from my farm into the refuge?

Siltation from adjacent farmland is a serious threat to refuge habitats totally conflicting with the refuge's mission. Let us discuss other land management options for you or the Partners program.

Why can't I get permits for hunting at the refuge entrance?

Hunt permits are available at the refuge headquarters and several local businesses to provide a more equitable distribution to everyone that wants one.

Why can't I camp on the river while I'm fishing?

Uncontrolled camping is not compatible with refuge objectives and could pose a safety hazard to the individual.

I've been here many times visiting the refuge. Why don't I see more personnel?

Although the refuge systems land base and needs are relatively large compared to other agencies, its voice in Congress, and therefore its budget, is unfortunately relatively small. We are, however, beginning to gain more support.


Last updated: April 11, 2014