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DSLCM - Delta Smelt Life Cycle Model

Delta smelt (Hypomesus transpacificus) are a small pelagic fish native to the San Francisco Bay Delta that have undergone fluctuating population declines in recent decades while demands for delta water exports have increased. The species, protected by the ESA and CESA, is of high management concern as an indicator species for the overall health of the delta.

The Delta Smelt Life Cycle Model is a quantitative tool designed to assess and predict the effects of management actions on the delta smelt population, with the long-term goals of population recovery and sustainability. This site serves as a repository for an extensive collection of data sets collected for fitting the Model (as well as for general data analysis), computer code generated in support of the Model, and reports describing various aspects of the Model. Please note that items shared on this site may be preliminary and subject to change.

The data sets on this page come from a variety of sources, including the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Geological Survey. In many cases, they have been modified by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and made available as csv formatted files, R formatted files, or both. Documentation of the modifications will also be made available here.

File Size File Description Date Updated Format Source Information

Data Documentation

5-31-17 PDF  

Delta Smelt Catch Summaries CSV Files

5-31-17 .csv (zip folder)

Data provided by CDFW, modified by Lodi Fish & Wildlife Office (LFWO)


Delta Smelt Catch Summaries R Objects

5-31-17 .R (zip folder)

Data provided by CDFW, modified by LFWO


Delta Smelt Salvage Summaries CSV Files

5-31-17 .csv (zip folder)

Data provided by CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife, in particular Geir Aasen and Steve Slater, and modified by LFWO and Felipe Carillo, USFWS Red Bluff FWO

3.8MB DRAFT_technical_notes.zip 5-31-17 Zip folder All technical notes posted here are drafts and are subject to change.