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List Description
Agol-portal AGOL Portal
Ak.shorebird Alaska Shorebird Group
AlpenaFWCO Alpena FWCO
ambcc Atlantic Marine Bird Conservation Cooperative
amphibianworkgroup This group is a proactive group for sharing information on captive propagation, husbandry and disease of endangered and threatened amphibians. This listserve is managed by Connie Keeler-Foster.
AquaticAnimalNutrition Aquatic Animal Nutrition
Ashmeadows Ash Meadows Mailing List
barrowcoordination Listserve to facilitate coordination among Programs to promote Service priorities on the slope
Botany-fws Botany in the Fish and Wildlife Service
botany-fwsonly Botany FWS Employees Only
botanyr4 List serve for botanists and plant species recovery leads in FWS Region 4
cau Weekly updates from CLA on Service-related activity on Capitol Hill.
ChemicalExchangeProgram Chemicals Available for Transfer
childrenandnature Connecting children with nature information sharing
Chiricahuensis Chiricahua Leopard Frog
coa_info Certificate of Appointment (COA) Holder Mailing List
ColumbiaFWCO Columbia FWCO
Commline Communications List
congencoplabstaff CoP laboratory staff
congencopleads CoP Leads
conservationgenetics Advanced Topics in Conservation Genetics
conservationscience Conservation Science Webinar Series
DLS Digital Library System Listsrv
Eaafswg East Asian-Australasian Flyway Shorebird Working Group
eastermanwrcomplexpr Press Releases
ECOS Environmental Conservation Online System
edboardfwspubs Regional and Program representatives for the formation of the FWS Publication Series
Eddies Eddies
Electrofishing Electrofishing
EnvironmentalComplianceINFO Environmental Compliance Information
esrecovery The ES Recovery List Server exchanges information on ESA recovery related topics. The Listserver is only available to FWS and NMFS employees.
esscientificprinciples A tool for information exchange for ES Scientific Principles.
FASystemNews Branch of Financial Assistance Systems (FAS) News
FATrainingNews FA Training News
fcie Feral Cat Information Exchange
Fisheries Fisheries
FloridaPantherRIT Florida Panther RIT
FreshwaterTurtleTrade Fresh Water Turtle Trade
FW4CandidateConservation USFWS Southeast Region Candidate Conservation
Fw5northeastplanning [no description available]
fw7_fair_quantecol Fairbanks Quantitative Ecology Discussion Group
fwhq_uasg FWS UAS Group
FWN Fish and Wildlife News
fws-ahm [no description available]
fws-akrefugecompatibility Alaska Refuge Compatibility
fws-alaska-news fws-alaska-news
fws-cites Welcome to the U.S. Government CITES listserv
fws-citesupdates Updates on new postings concerning CITES on our FWS website
fws-cmt A tool for information exchange on the Corporate Master Table (CMT) System.
fws-coloriver Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program listserver
fws-copao News from the Colorado Division of Wildlife
fws-data The fws-data listserver is a tool for staff of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service to discuss all subjects concerning data, including standards, sharing, metadata, creation, purchase, licensing, etc.
fws-ec-tech Environmental Contaminants
fws-esbulletin Endangered Species Bulletin
fws-fire-gis This open forum is intended for the discussion of Fire-GIS issues and related topics at the field, Regional, and National levels.
fws-fsb-subsistence Federal Subsistence News
fws-gis Geographic Information System (GIS) listserv
fws-hellbender Ozark hellbender listserver
fws-imbd International Migratory Bird Day
fws-irm-tech The fws-irm-tech listserver is a tool for staff of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service to discuss Information Technology (IT) topics of a technical nature.
fws-jdsfunds Junior Duck Stamp Program Coordinators
fws-juniorduck Juniorduck Listsrv
fws-karstalk This listserv is being hosted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and is intended to provide a forum for communication among interested parties of the Ozark Plateau of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri.
fws-linux Using linux for specialized applications in fws
fws-mbjv FWS Migratory Birds/Joint Venture GIS Listserv
fws-megis Welcome to the Pacific Islands Marine Ecosystem GIS (MEGIS) listserv.
fws-mpa [no description available]
fws-mrbp A tool for information exchange for the Mississippi River Basin Panel.
fws-news FWS News and Information
fws-outreach Information exchange for Outreach.
fws-pallid This listserver is intended to serve as a tool for information exchange for the Pallid Sturgeon Lower Basin Work Group.
fws-patuxentteachers Patuxent Research Refuge Listsrv
fws-prrnews A tool for the Refuge and Visitor Center to get information out to the public.
fws-r4gis Region 4 GIS
fws-r4gis-tech-team Region4 GIS Technical Team
FWS-R4Hydro R4 HydroCoP
fws-r5-hcrab-shorebird Region 5 biologist and others working to conserve horseshoe crabs and shorebirds.
fws-r5gis Region 5 GIS Listserv
fws-r6-bio This open forum is intended for the discussion of R6-BIO issues.
Fws-r6-refugebio Mountain-Prairie Region Refuge Biologists
fws-security A tool to provide you with an open forum to address computer security-related issues.
fws-southeastnews Southeast Region News Media Listserver
fws-systems The fws-systems listserver is a tool for staff of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service to discuss all aspects of system/application development.
fws-voices Visitor Outreach, Interpretation, Communication, and Education Services
fws-web An open email list for the FWS Web community
fws-ypbo Yampa PBO
FWS_DIC_Grants DIC Grants
Fws_migbird_itt FWS Migratory Bird Program ITT
FWS_R4_ITSpecialists R4 IRTM Technicians
FWS_Wetlands FWS Wetlands Information
FWSNetworkingForum FWS Networking Forum
fwsnewsclips FWS News Clips
GCWAHabitatModeling GCWA Habitat Modeling
GenoaNFH Genoa NFH
gis-tech GIS Tech
GrantCoopNews WSFR FAPO listserv
GreenBayFWCO Green Bay FWCO
IronRiverNFH IronRiver NFH
Island_Invasives Island Restoration
IslandRestoration Island Restoration
JordanRiverNFH Jordan River NFH
Kci Karst Conservation Initiative
Klamath Secretarial Determination on Klamath River Dams
KlamathBasinNews Klamath Basin News
LaCrosseFHC LaCrosse FHC
LaCrosseFWCO LaCrosse FWCO
Listtest For testing lists
Ludingtonbiostation Ludington Bio Station
MalheurNWRCarpCoalition Malheur NWR Aquatic Health Coalition
Marquettebiostation Marquette Bio Station
masternaturalist people interested in the Master Naturalist program
MidwestFisheries Midwest Fisheries
MigratoryBirdTreatyCentennial Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial
MissouriRiver Missouri River
Mitten_crab Mitten Crab listserv
mittencrab Mitten Crab Listsrv
NCTC_Climate_Change List for climate change training and climate change community of practice
nctcenews NCTC E-News
Neoshonfh Neosho NFH
News_Release News Release Discussions
ngp_pipl Northern Great Plains Piping Plover
NMBCAoutreach NMBCA Outreach
northernspottedowlteam Northern Spotted Owl Coordination Team
nsocoordinationteam Northern Spotted Owl Coordination Team
oil_gas Share information on oil & gas issues.
OLE_import_export Import and Export Announcements
pacificseabirds This listserv is intended to serve as a tool for information exchange for Pacific Seabirds. The posts on this Listserv are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Pacific Seabird Group.
Pendills.SullivanNFH Pendills/Sullivan NFH
Pompton_Lakes_DOI_NRDAR Pompton Lakes Works Federal NRDAR
r1section7fire Listsrv to facilitate information sharing among biologists throughout region 1 working on fire-related ESA section 7 consultations.
R2gis Region 2 GIS
R4_spiderweb External Affairs New Media Group
r5facoordinators A tool for information exchange for the FA State Coordinator Discussion Group
R6-es-gis Region 6 Ecological Services GIS Listserver
R6pollinator [no description available]
R7gis Region 7 GIS list serve
r9snp List of R9 employees.
region1dailynews Region 1 Daily News
Region6_SHC_Team Region 6 Strategic Habitat Conservation
regionalcoordinators Junior Duck Stamp Regional Coordinators
Restoration Restoration
RGSMegg Rio Grande Silvery Minnow
rmis Refuge Management Information System Users
S7Workgroup Section 7 Work Group
Sagebrusheducation Sagebrush Education
SAMMS Listserve for SAMMS User Community
Sandbox TEST FWS News and Information
scienceadvisory Info on FWS science & science policy
SCPCA South Carolina Plant Conservation Alliance
sdmcop Structured Decision Making Community in Practice (SDMCoP)
Social Social
Socialmedia Social Media Practitioners
southeastmentoring Southeast Mentoring
StakeholdersKlamath Klamath Stakeholders
Sutl-Alumni SUTL Alumni
Tideline This listserver is intended for use by people interested in the San Francisco Bay NWR Complex Newsletter.
tracs-wsfr Wildlife TRACS List
txnpca Alliance of federal and state agencies, non-profit organizations, academic institutions and individuals working to conserve native plants in Texas.
Unio Unio
volunteeropps Volunteer opportunities in the National Wildlife Refuge System
waterbirdcouncil inactive
waterbirds-umvgl inactive
waterbirdsnetwork Waterbird conservation topics
Whsg Western Hemisphere Shorebird Group
WildlifeAdaptationStrategy [no description available]
windenergy Windenergy
windHCP Wind HCPs
WSFR_POP_News WSFR HQ Policy and Programs News
wyomingtoadrecoveryteam A list server account for communications among team members of the Wyoming Toad Recovery Team
WyomingToadVolunteers Wyoming Toad Volunteers

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