About this Collection

We have developed a number of national policies and issued internal guidance to promote efficiency and consistency in our implementation of the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Below you will find links to summaries of our major policies related to species listing and critical habitat.

Policies and Regulations

Policy or RegulationDateDocument
Endangered and Threatened Species Listing and Recovery Priority GuidelinesSeptember 21, 1983; November 15, 1983 - Correction48 FR 43098; 48 FR 51985
Interagency Policy on Information Standards under the ESAJuly 1, 199459 FR 34271
Interagency Policy Regarding the Recognition of Distinct Vertebrate Population Segments Under the ESAFebruary 7, 199661 FR 4722
Final Policy for Evaluation of Conservation Efforts When Making Listing DecisionsMarch 28, 200368 FR 15100
Policy on Interpretation of the Phrase "Significant Portion of Its Range" in the ESA's Definitions of "Endangered Species" and "Threatened Species"July 1, 201479 FR 37577
Implementing Changes to the Regulations for Designating Critical HabitatFebruary 11, 201681 FR 7414
Policy Regarding Implementation of Section 4(b)(2) of the Endangered Species ActFebruary 11, 201681 FR 7226
Methodology for Prioritizing Status Reviews and Accompanying 12-Month Findings on Petitions for Listing Under the Endangered Species ActJuly 27, 201681 FR 49248
Revisions to the Regulations for PetitionsSeptember 27, 201681 FR 66462
Regulations for Prohibitions to Threatened Wildlife and PlantsAugust 27, 201984 FR 44753
Regulations for Listing Species and Designating Critical HabitatAugust 27, 201984 FR 45020
Regulations for Listing Endangered and Threatened Species and Designating Critical HabitatDecember 16, 202085 FR 81411
Regulations for Designating Critical HabitatDecember 18, 202085 FR 82376