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Commemorating the
Lewis & Clark Educational Curriculum

    Lewis and Clark Expedition: Scientific Discovery is a science–based integrated education curriculum for grades 3 - 8 that meets national science education standards. It is produced by the National Park Service (Fort Clatsop National Memorial) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The curriculum project has four components:

  • Lewis and Clark Expedition: Scientific Discovery Educator's Resource Guide.This set of lesson plans provides an integrated approach to the natural science aspects of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Using historical observations of Lewis and Clark, plus other historical evidence and data, students will be able to note the impacts of change over the past 200 years and describe the effects. This guide can be used anywhere.

  • Lewis and Clark Expedition: Scientific Discovery Traveling Trunk. This traveling trunk comes with and educator's guide and lesson plans. Order information

  • Lewis and Clark Expedition: Scientific Discovery Explorer's Guide — Scientific Exploration and the Impacts of Change. These lesson plans are field trip guides to Lewis and Clark sites that show how they can be used for science education. The focus is on the impacts of change since the Lewis and Clark expedition and current management issues. Students will collect data and participate in restoration activities. The sites are linked to GLOBE and the digital resources of the Lewis and Clark Education Center at the University of Montana.

  • Teacher Workshops.

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