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Instream Restoration


For hundreds of years people have been modifying and moving streams to suit their needs without considering what it does to instream habitat. Instream restoration is needed where channelization and channel modification have changed the instream habitat in such a way that fish and other aquatic organisms have been adversely affected. Since Tropical Storm Irene devastated much of the Champlain Valley with record flooding, there has been an urgent need for instream habitat restoration on several streams. In the wake of the road rebuilding, most waterways were left widened, flat and devoid of any fish habitat or riparian buffers. The Fish and Wildlife Service has put a renewed emphasis on the need for instream restoration projects as a result.


Camp Brook PostCamp Brook After

Camp Brook, trib to the White River, Bethel, VT.



Gilead Post TC IreneGilead Bk After

Gilead Brook, Trib to the White River, Bethel, VT



John's bk Post IreneJohn's bk after

John’s Brook, Trib to the Ausable River, Keene Valley, NY







Last updated: November 18, 2014
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