Digest of Federal Resource Laws of Interest to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Act of 1994 (16 U.S.C. 5306) – P.L. 103-391 includes the following provisions:

• Authorizes a fund to assist the conservation of rhinoceros and tigers by supporting the conservation programs of nations whose activities directly or indirectly affect rhinoceros and tiger populations.
• Authorizes any other person to submit to the Secretary a project proposal for the conservation of rhinoceros and tiger species.
• Provides for approval criteria and project reporting. Directs the Secretary to consider projects which will enhance sustainable development programs to ensure effective, long-term conservation of rhinoceros and tiger species.
• Establishes in the Treasury the Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund. Provides for Fund deposits, Fund use, and acceptance and use of donations.
• Appropriations are authorized at $10,000,000 annually for five years, through 2000, to carry out provisions of the Act.
Amendments approved on October 30, 1998, P.L. 105-312, Title IV, reauthorized the Act through 2002 and made the following amendments:
• Prohibits the sale, import, or export, or the attempted sale, import, or export, of any product, item, or substance (product) intended for human consumption or application containing, or labeled or advertised as containing, any substance derived from any species of rhinoceros or tiger.
• Authorizes (1) criminal and civil penalties, including seizure and forfeiture of such products; (2) enforcement activities; and (3) use of penalty amounts.
• Directs the Secretary to develop and implement an educational outreach program in the United States for the conservation of rhinoceros and tiger species.
Amendments approved on January 8, 2002, P.L. 107-112, reauthorized the Act through 2007 and made the following amendments:
• Limits the amount that the Secretary of the Interior may expend each fiscal year to pay administrative expenses to 3% or $80,000, which ever is greater.
• Directs the Secretary to convene an advisory group of individuals representing public and private organizations actively involved in the conservation of rhinoceros and tigers to assist in carrying out the Act.
• Authorizes the Secretary, to the maximum extent practical, in determining whether to approve project proposals under the Act, to give consideration to projects that will enhance sustainable conservation programs to ensure long-term conservation of such elephants.

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