Digest of Federal Resource Laws of Interest to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

National Hunting and Fishing Day

National Hunting and Fishing Day -- Statutes establishing the fourth Saturday in September of the year indicated as National Hunting and Fishing Day include:

In addition, P.L. 99-217, approved April 1, 1986 (100 Stat. 81), and P.L. 100-22, approved April 10, 1987 (101 Stat. 267), established the first week of June of those years as National Fishing Week.

After 1975, private organizations worked directly with the White House to secure Presidential proclamations for the designation. In 1979, former President Carter designated the third Saturday in October of that year, "and thereafter," as National Hunting and Fishing Day, eliminating the need for annual proclamations. Since then, it has been the usual practice for the President to issue a statement each year commemorating the day.

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