Digest of Federal Resource Laws of Interest to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

National Aquaculture Development Act

This Act, National Aquaculture Development Act (16 USC 2801-2810; 94 Stat. 1198) -- P.L 96-362, approved September 26, 1980, directed the Secretary of Commerce, in consultation with Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior, to develop a National Aquaculture Development Plan within 18 months, to identify those aquatic species that could be cultured on a commercial or other basis and to set forth for each species a program of necessary research and development, technical assistance, demonstration, education and training activities.

The Act further required the Secretaries to conduct studies of the capital requirements of the aquaculture industry, to provide advisory, educational and technical assistance to interested persons, encourage implementation of aquacultural technology and to provide informational services, including a biennial report to Congress. The Act authorized appropriations through September 31, 1983.

P.L. 98-623, Title IV, 402 (98 Stat. 340) as amended, signed November 8, 1984, established the Secretary of Agriculture as the permanent chairman of the Joint Committee on Aquaculture and directed the Chairman to establish the Office of Aquaculture Coordination and Development. It also established the National Aquaculture Board composed of 12 private sector representatives and authorized appropriations through FY 1986 for DOA, DOC, and DOI.

Public Law 99-198 (Title XVII, 99 Stat. 1641) approved December 23, 1985, established the Secretary of Agriculture as permanent chairman of the inter-agency coordinating group, with lead responsibility for revising and implementing the National Aquaculture Development Plan and the requirement to establish a National Aquaculture Information Center. The Act also required the Secretary of Commerce to conduct a study to determine any adverse impacts on capture fisheries and report to Congress by December 31, 1987, and the Secretary of the Interior, in consultation with the Secretary of Commerce, to conduct a study identifying exotic species introduced into U.S. waters as a result of aquaculture activities and to determine the potential benefits and impacts of these species.

Although annual appropriations of $1,000,000 each were authorized for the Departments of Agriculture, Interior, and Commerce for FY 1986, 1987, and 1988, no funds have been appropriated.

Public Law 101-624, approved November 28,1990, (104 Stat. 3728) authorized appropriations of $1 million to the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, and the Interior for the fiscal years 1991 to 1993.

Public Law 104-40, approved November 1, 1995, (109 Stat. 350) provides that The Secretary of the Interior , acting through the Director of the Fish and Wildlife Service, may charge fees for certification inspections of triploid grass carp aquaculture facilities.

Public Law 104-208, approved September 30, 1996, (110 Stat. 3009,3009-41) made a technical amendment to the Act.

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