Digest of Federal Resource Laws of Interest to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Colorado River Floodway Protection Act

This Act, Colorado River Floodway Protection Act, Public Law 99-450, approved October 8, 1986, (100 Stat. 1129) established a Colorado River Floodway Area, within which are prohibited all new Federal funding or financial assistance for any purpose (except for listed exceptions), Federal flood insurance for new construction or substantial improvements begun 6 months after enactment on existing structures, and the granting of new Federal leases (unless the Secretary determines the purpose is consistent with the Act).

The Act established a Task Force to advise the Secretary on the specific boundaries for and management of the area. The Task Force was to report to the Secretary and Congress within nine months, and the Secretary was required to submit maps establishing a boundary for the area within 18 months after enactment. The Secretary was also required to submit annual certification of Federal agency compliance with this law.

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