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Bull elk. Credit: NPS.


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2012 Fish and Wildlife News Special Issue. Credit: USFWS

Fish and Wildlife News Winter 2016 Issue


A Lasting Fish and Wildlife Legacy

Strategic Habitat Conservation represents a change in how the Service thinks about and does conservation, a shift to more strategic, accountable and adaptive action.

It starts by working at larger spatial and temporal scales, across programs and with our partners and stakeholders, in a more focused way that links our actions to outcomes, with learning as an explicit objective of our conservation actions. 

Meeting the Conservation Challenges of the 21st Century

The unprecedented scale and complexity of challenges we face in the 21st century require us to change our approach to conservation and how we design, deliver and evaluate our work.

A healthy environment benefits both the people and wildlife of the United States. Healthy populations of wildlife mean clean air, clean water, jobs and economic development for millions of people nationwide.

Our approach, which we call Strategic Habitat Conservation, encompasses a shift to more strategic, accountable and adaptive action driven by science. 

To help wildlife and natural systems cope with complex and far-ranging threats such as drought, climate change and large-scale habitat fragmentation, we must work strategically with partners to conserve landscapes capable of supporting self-sustaining populations of fish and wildlife, while also providing for the needs of people.


Last updated: March 21, 2017

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