The Lahontan National Fish Hatchery Complex
Pacific Southwest Region

Angler information

Special rules under the Endangered Species Act allow a rare opportunity of recreational fishing for the threatened Lahontan cutthroat trout (LCT). Each year the Lahontan National Fish Hatchery Complex stocks LCT in Fallen Leaf Lake, the Truckee River, Pyramid Lake June Lake, Gull Lake, Marlette Lake, and Walker Lake. These LCT, reared at the Hatchery, are a lake strain known to have originated from a population native to the Tahoe/Truckee basin. All stocked fish are marked or tagged for identification and research purposes.

To help us Click to enlarge: Tagged fish Click to enlarge: Tagged fish Click to enlarge: Tagged fish Click to enlarge: Floy tag better understand and move forward in our recovery efforts, we ask that you contact us if you catch a LCT. The information we need includes:

  • Location caught (example: Fallen Leaf Lake, near marina)
  • Date and time spent fishing
  • Number and species of all fish caught
  • Length of the LCT (from tip of nose to tip of tail);
  • Tag numbers and color of tags, if present
  • Whether you kept or released the fish

By returning as many LCT as you can to the lake or river you will contribute immensely to sustaining the recreational fishery and help us increase our knowledge of the species.

We would like information on the LCT even if you catch and release.

How to report your catch

You can report your information by email, mail, or phone. Please use the following link to download the Angler Reporting Form (download in Microsoft Word format or an editable Adobe PDF ) if you are reporting via email or regular mail. A direct line has been established so you can call to report your information at any time of day. A biologist will be happy to contact you if you would like further information or have questions.

Here are the emails of the person responsible for each basin:

Area of Responsibility Name E-Mail

Walker Lake and Fallen Leaf Lake

Stephanie Byers

Truckee River and Pyramid Lake

Tim Loux

Mailing address:
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
1340 Financial Blvd., Suite 234
Reno , NV 89502

775-861-6355 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Office (direct reporting line)
775-861-6300 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Office (during normal business hours)

Fishing Regulations

Recreational fishing is not regulated by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. For fishing regulations use the following links:
For Nevada regulations contact Nevada Department of Wildlife (external link)
For California regulations contact the California Department of Fish & Game (external link)
For Pyramid Lake regulations contact Pyramid Lake Fisheries (external link)

Last updated: January 14, 2013