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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Spanish Lake_Elevations

High accuracy elevations from LIDAR systems are used to assess proposed projects Photo Credit: USFWS

The Louisiana Field Office utilizes the latest GIS applications to provide spatial analyses to all Programs; Civil Works, Coastal Restoration & Protection, Conservation Planning Assistance, Endangered Species, Environmental Contaminants, and Partners for Fish & Wildlife. These tools provide the capability to look at landscape conservation and ecosystem management; asses habitat sustainablity, wildlife habitat management, and where to best put limited resources towards protection and recovery.

We also provide GIS and GPS (global positioning system) support to National Wildlife Refuges (NWR) for management plans, oil and gas exploration, elevation and geodetic benchmark surveys, remote sensing and habitat mapping.

Unbrella Bay Erosion Map. Credit:  USFWS
Evaluating erosion rates and areas of hightest landloss in coastal LA.

Credit: USFWS

Habitat map of national wildlife refuge.  Credit:  USFWS
Habitat mapping and change analyses on national wildlife refuges.

Credit: USFWS

Fire and habitat management map. Credit:  USFWS
Mapping for fire and habitat management on national wildlife refuges.

Credit: USFWS

Tracking LA Black Bear movements.  Credit USFWS
Habitat analyses for threatened and endangered species.

Credit: USFWS

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Last updated: October 18, 2016