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Louisiana Ecological Services Office is located at NOAA's Estuarine Habitats and Coastal Fisheries Center, Lafayette, LA.

Lafayette Ecological Services Office

Photo Credit: USFWS

Louisiana Ecological Services
646 Cajundome Blvd., Suite 400
Lafayette, La. 70506
Phone 337.291.3100
Fax 337.291.3139

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Employee Program Phone Number
Ranson, Joseph Field Supervisor 337.291.3113
Athens, Thomas Wildlife Biologist - Fort Polk 337.531.6318
Bordelon, Seth Conservation Planning Assistance Biologist 337.291.3138
Breaux, Cathy Civil Works and Coastal Restoration Biologist 504.862.2689
Castellanos, David Threatened & Endangered Species Biologist 337.291.3112
Clark, Darryl Senior Coastal Restoration Biologist, CWPPRA Technical Committee Representative 337.291.3111
Dolan, Andy Partners for Fish & Wildlife Coordinator and Private Lands Biologist 337.291.3119
Dubois, Robert Coastal Restoration Biologist 337.291.3127
Firmin, Brigette Coastal Restoration & Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Program (NRDAR) Biologist 337.291.3108
Greco, Robert GIS and Web Services 337.291.3150
Marceaux, Joshua Conservation Planning Assistance Biologist 337.774.5923
Morrow, Aline Coastal Restoration Biologist 337.291.3129
Oster, David Conservation Planning Assistance Biologist 337.291.3100
Paille, Ronnie Civil Works and Coastal Restoration Biologist 337.291.3117
Ravain, Charlotte Administrative Officer 337.291.3130
Rieck, Brad Deputy Field Supervisor 337.291.3116
Romero, Kathrin Administrative Assistant 337.291.3101
Roy, Kevin Coastal Restoration Biologist 337.291.3120
Savell, John Coastal Restoration Biologist 337.291.3144
Sikes, Monica Endangered Species Coordinator 337.291.3118
Smith, Robert Partners for Fish & Wildlife Biologist 337.291.3134
Soileau, David Conservation Planning Assistance Coordinator 337.291.3109
Soileau, Karen Threatened & Endangered Species Biologist 337.291.3132
Trahan, Amy Conservation Planning Assistance, Threatened & Endangered Species and Coastal Barrier Resources Act Biologist 337.291.3126
Trahan, Angela Coastal Restoration Biologist and Migratory Birds 337.291.3137
Walther, David Supervisory Biologist for Civil Works and Coastal Restoration Projects 337.291.3122
Last updated: April 5, 2017