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Conservation Planning Assistance


Cypress swamp of Louisiana

Cypress swamp is one type of ecosystem we work with landowners to protect. Photo Credit: USFWS

Conserving Habitat for Fish and Wildlife in Louisiana

To protect the overall public interest, including the environment and our trust resources, Congress has mandated that certain public and private development activities require formal authorization and approval by the Federal Government or state agencies with delegated regulatory authority.


Some of these development projects include:

  • Hydropower and alternate energy development
  • Highway construction and re-routing
  • Pipeline construction
  • Gravel mining
  • Cell tower construction
  • Construction or development in wetland habitats
  • Coastal development


The goal of the Louisiana Ecological Services Office‘s Conservation Planning Assistance Program work is to provide state-wide project evaluation and consultation for all of the Service ’s trust resources.   As such, we address potential impacts to threatened and endangered species, migratory birds, inter-jurisdictional fish, federal lands, protected coastal barriers, conservation areas, and areas that have potential contamination issues. 


Wetland Mitigation Bank Monitoring. Credit:  USFWS
Wetland Mitigation Bank Monitoring

Credit: USFWS

Wetland Mitigation Banking Restoration Site  Credit:  USFWS
Wetland Mitigation Banking Restoration Site

Credit: USFWS

Highway Project Review  Credit:  USFWS
Highway Project Review

Credit: USFWS


We actively participate in the Corps of Engineers’ Wetland Mitigation Bank Review Teams, providing technical assistance to potential bank sponsors regarding wetland habitat restoration and management.  That work has resulted in the conservation and enhancement/restoration of over 85,000 wetland acres. 


For more information contact David Soileau @ 337.291.3109.

Last updated: October 18, 2016