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Piping Plover -  Charadrius melodus  -  Adult  -   Female
Scan ID:  61014
   Notes:  Breeding plumage



Specimen Number: BRD 3096 Feather 1: (R6) 5.6 cm Feather 1: (R6) 4.4 cm
Common Name: Piping Plover Feather 2: (R5) 5.9 cm Feather 2: (R5) 5.1 cm
Latin Name: Charadrius melodus Feather 3: (R4) 5.8 cm Feather 3: (R4) 5.1 cm
Order: Charadriiformes Feather 4: (R3) 5.8 cm Feather 4: (R3) 5.1 cm
Family: Charadriidae Feather 5: (R2) 5.6 cm Feather 5: (R2) 5.0 cm
Feather Type: Rectrices Feather 6: (R1) 5.4 cm Feather 6: (R1) 4.9 cm
Sex: Female Feather 7: N/A Feather 7: N/A
Age: Adult Feather 8: N/A Feather 8: N/A
County: Plymouth Feather 9: N/A Feather 9: N/A
State: Massachusetts Feather 10: N/A Feather 10: N/A
Country: USA Feather 11: N/A Feather 11: N/A
Institution: National Fish and Wildlife
Forensics Lab
Feather 12: N/A Feather 12: N/A


 Piping Plover   Charadrius melodus   Rectrices   Female   Adult
 Piping Plover   Charadrius melodus   Primaries   Female   Adult
 Piping Plover   Charadrius melodus   Secondaries   Female   Adult