Pixley National Wildlife Refuge
Pacific Southwest Region



Nature Trail

A 1.5 mile walking trail open to the public highlights 13 stops with interpretive panels and wildlife viewing areas. An observation deck at the end of the trail provides a view of areas that cannot be seen from the ground. The trail and observation deck are open from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week. Please keep in mind that hiking is allowed on the nature trail only; all other areas are closed to the public.

Wildlife Observation and Photography

The Refuge is one of very few areas in the Southern San Joaquin Valley where the public can enjoy viewing Sandhill Cranes, which roost here from September through March with numbers peaking to 6,000. The best time of year to observe Sandhill Cranes, as well as other wintering birds, is during the late winter and early months of spring.


Pixley National Wildlife Refuge is closed to ALL forms of hunting.

Upcoming Event

The staff of Kern and Pixley National Wildlife Refuges would like you to visit and see Sandhill Cranes which winter at the Refuge each year. The last count of the birds flying into the Refuge to roost numbered just over 6,000. Plan your visit soon as the Sandhill Cranes will be gone back to their northern breeding grounds by the middle of March! Contact the Kern and Pixley National Wildlife Refuge headquarters at 661-725-2767 for more information and to plan your visit.

Last updated: November 19, 2010